from ovid in america

by Averill Curdy

Heaven & hell enlisted their geographers,
A map has opened the soul's five hinges, & Persian
With expectance how often have I feasted
On departure. London, Naples,
Marriage, Damascus, now your dear person.
So much flowing through me
My sight has silted dark my mouth. I beg
All the many tongues your wonder cabinet holds
— Dolphin, mockingbird, Muscovy bear — to tell
This arrival, so unforeseen, disorderly
As my hope you will not forget who I was, & am,
Unwildered, unwestered, constant, returning.

Bless you where you are, & where you would be
When you are there, & bring you thither.
                                                           My love,
What may never not be strange? What,
This morning, will wake & make me new.